Friday, April 9, 2010


I bought a dining room set from a friend who moved away several months ago. I have been having the chairs refinished two at a time. I could do this myself, but I really don't have time and this lady is doing a phenominal job including the piping (which I cannot do). She is also a dealer at One of a Kind and gave me a great price that I could not pass up.

This is the before.
And the after! I love this zebra print. We sprayed them with Scotchguard, so hopefully they will last a little while. Still debating whether I'm going to paint the table or wait till the kids get older...if the table lasts it that long.

What do you think?


Cindy said...

Welcome back to bloggy land. I just spent some time reading your most recent posts. Happy belated anniversary and hope the shower was nice.

Love the chairs! The Easter vlog was great!

You are most creative and I am praying your tea creations sell, sell, sell!!
Blessings to all of you, Cindy

Mari said...

I think I love it! It turned out so great!

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