Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've seen this on here before using laundry baskets, but these paint can boxes worked beautifully. As you can see I stacked them four high except in the middle where I stored my 24 pack of water bottles and the Bumbo turned upside down, so I could store liquid dish soap and hand soap in the crevices. Games, the beach umbrella, the umbrella stroller and other miscellaneous items fit behind the boxes. We packed a family of 6 for 10 days at the beach. I gave everyone a 5 outfit and 2 pairs of shoes maximum and brought a roll of quarters to do laundry midweek. The Pack N' Play did not fit in the back, so it will be packed in between the bench seat and the front seats just before we leave.

When we came home I unpacked one box at a time and emptied it and then put it out for the trash, so another bonus...NO suitcases laying around!

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Friday, September 18, 2009


Tonight we were about to make an impromptu run to the Dollar Store to snag a blow up pool for a $1. When I tried to start the van it would not start, so my husband charged the battery while Isabella and I waited in the car. She was obviously afraid, so I began asking her questions. She was afraid to be in the car while he was charging it because she was afraid it would roll down the hill, so I explained to her that the "park" feature still worked. Then she began crying as we backed down the driveway because if we got stuck at the store "Daddy would leave the little ones alone while he came to get us" and I assured her that would not happen. Daddy would not leave the little ones at home, he would bring them with him or someone there would help start our van. I said we need to trust God Isabella...I knew this was a "teachable" moment. It was important she go with me and face her fear and trust her Father.

Isn't it interesting how irrational her fears were, but aren't all fears irrational? Fear is not based on Truth.

Ever seen the acrostic FEAR? False Evidence Appearing Real

As we left the parking lot I explained to her that we can always trust God. I told her I was glad she trusted me and the words that escaped her lips left me speechless, "Me too, if not my life would be a disaster." Wow! That was a loaded statement.

Remember my struggle with retreating to old seasons? Well, here is my revelation. Plain and simple it is FEAR. A spirit of fear that the bible tells me DID NOT come from my Father. I am struggling with trusting Him right now and my life some days is a "disaster" - I am going to remember what Isabella said. So much wisdom for such a little girl. A girl who knows her Father and trusts Him and believes He is a good Daddy. On days like today I learn much more from my kids than they learn from me.

Trusting our parents is important, but trusting God it is VITAL!

Friday, September 11, 2009


We vacationed in Panama City, Florida a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites shots. Stayed tuned for the important lessons my kids taught while gathering shells.

It is hard to get spacing right when putting text under the pictures (for me anyway) so, I'll sum it up here. Most pictures of Kaira were of her in a chair or in Judah's Bumbo, she would not touch the sand till the last day. Our silly picture is becoming a vacation tradition. Judah loved the water. We stayed a walk away from the state park and went to the pier several times to see a family of dolphins, which was much cooler than seeing them at an aquarium. I have never seen them in their natural habitat and so close up. The sunset from our screened porch was amazing.

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