Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've seen this on here before using laundry baskets, but these paint can boxes worked beautifully. As you can see I stacked them four high except in the middle where I stored my 24 pack of water bottles and the Bumbo turned upside down, so I could store liquid dish soap and hand soap in the crevices. Games, the beach umbrella, the umbrella stroller and other miscellaneous items fit behind the boxes. We packed a family of 6 for 10 days at the beach. I gave everyone a 5 outfit and 2 pairs of shoes maximum and brought a roll of quarters to do laundry midweek. The Pack N' Play did not fit in the back, so it will be packed in between the bench seat and the front seats just before we leave.

When we came home I unpacked one box at a time and emptied it and then put it out for the trash, so another bonus...NO suitcases laying around!

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Lynn said...

very creative.. Love it

AtlantaMama said...

WOW! I love it. So organzied. And you know, I'm w/ you on the unpacking and the suit cases still laying around for like a month after we get back in town. There is so much prep in going out of town and even being a mom on vacation is very different from being a kid or even being married before we had kids... when we made our beach trip, I found that I was still packing, planing, cooking, cleaning up, packing snacks and drinks to take outside, and doing laundry toward the end of our trip. I really enjoyed being in HHI and I would not complain, but it is just not SUPER relaxing because you still feel like "I'm on the job" But our kids are such a blessing that it's really the BEST job! And I was THRILLED to see my little man discover the sand and the sea for the FIRST time! It was all worth it! Thanks for the tips and ideas on the packing... makes it easier!

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