Thursday, September 29, 2011


He didn't know that I spent over $100 this month on lice treatment

He didn't know that I spent over $200 this month on my van

He didn't know that I had unexpected doctor's visits this month

He didn't know that I am so broken it hurts

He didn't know anything about me, but...

HE did! Tonight a stranger gave me $20 and simply said, "Be blessed" and I wept because I felt HIM all around me, reminding me that HE sees it all. The stranger didn't know that his simple, kind gesture would envelope me in the Father's Love.

Something deep inside me resists the gift because it makes me feel unclean that men who are not my husband are loving me and caring for me in tangible ways. God is using His body to love the widow and her orphans and something deep in me is touched and wounded all at the same time.

That man, that man that I will probably never see again had a thought and he acted on it. Is he a believer? Filled with the Holy Spirit? It doesn't matter because God used him.

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