Thursday, July 2, 2009


We just had shower number seven at church and the theme was a "tea room". I brought all my teacups, teapots and tea paraphernalia to the church (and so did many others), but "S" the organizer transformed the cafeteria into a warm and inviting "tea room". She plans all the showers and goes above and beyond to make the expectant mommy feel special. Her shower will be in July and the theme is an Italian restaurant.

The church is located in a very rural area with not many shopping options, so the scones I brought from Target were a hit, I heard there were even fights over them. The lemon curd I brought from Tea & Traditions was a hit too, when the scones were gone people were putting it on pound cake.

This shower was laid back, a great chance for women to catch up and share and laugh. Two of the pastors shared from their hearts about women and mothering. It was a special night.

I did not get many pictures, but here is what I have:

Here is a picture of the favors I mentioned a while back. We made 75 of these in a couple of hours. There is a single serving of tea inside. Here are directions to make it to hold a Hershey's nugget candy bar.


Mari said...

What a special shower! The favors are so cute!

Stacey said...

I love the 'tea room' theme!!! We have a ladies Titus 2 group from church that meet on Tuesday morning(we are breaking for the summer) it is at our Pastors house and his wife sets everything up really nice with teacups and breakfast snacks! It is like a tea party every week and I love it:)

The favors are great:)

AtlantaMama said...


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