Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is my first time participating in Works For Me Wednesday and I know today is the day because I had an AWESOME experience last night.

My baby is four months old and is sleeping between 11-13 hours a night (I know I'm blessed), but his diaper cannot handle it. He wakes up every morning with a soaked sleeper and sheets, so last night I decided to put a pantiliner in his diaper...crazy you say? Well he slept 15 hours last night and woke up with a dry sleeper and sheets! Hooray for pantiliners it Worked For Me this Wednesday! If you are thinking I should just buy overnight diapers, they do not make them in the smaller sizes and after this trick worked I may never buy an overnight again.

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Mari said...

You are so smart! I used to cut a slit in the plastic of one diaper, then put another one over top. That worked too!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful idea!! It made me laugh and say "I will have to remember that when baby number 4 gets here this November!" lol

By the way will you please share with the rest of us how on earth your little bundle of joy is sleeping SO long at night!?! Come on know Im not the only one wanting some tips! need some tips! :)


Brooke Hammel said...

Forget the diaper, how the heck do you get your baby to sleep all night? I am STRUGGLIN!

'Becca said...

Cloth diapers are easy to add extra layers to! Click my name for lots of details.

Even if you're not willing to use cloth diapers, check out Dappi nylon covers which can be used over disposables too. They are fantastic at containing leaks, they're a cinch to wash, and they cost only about $3 each!

Lisa said...

I am painfully jealous that your baby sleeps that long... ;)
My 15 month old daughter has slept more than 4 hours in a row exactly once since she was born. I'm surely doing something wrong.
Good idea though. :)

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