Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Total cost $49.00

This was my first week actually withdrawing grocery "cash" and setting a "grocery budget" - it was $50. Everything in this picture was $49, so realistically I think I will increase it to $60 because I still have to get milk $1.99, eggs $.99 and bread (buy one get one free) at Publix $3.49 for two. I include personal items and cleaners in my budget, this week I bought Infusium Leave-In Conditioner for Isabella which ate up (ha! ha!) $5.

Some of my purchases were cherries, grapes, broccoli, and a HUGE watermelon. I bought two boxes of dishwasher tabs and toilet paper. Had to get stain remover and Clorox (I love me some Clorox). Toothpaste for Annais, band-aids for the car (let's see if I remember to take them back to the car). Free sample of Banana Boat sunscreen (perfect for the diaper bag). My best deal of the day - two packs of razors pictured here for $.50 (used a rain check from Publix for BOGO for $5.49 and had $5.00 in coupons).

Before Judah was born we were spending $150 a week buying these same kinds of things, so I have actually reduced our groceries 60%.

Many of you have emailed and said you wanted to do this too? Do you have specific questions that I could answer here? Anything you would like to see explained in more detail?


Mari said...

That's incredible! I don't have any specific questions but I do love to see these posts.

TAMI said...

A 60% reduction is IMPRESSIVE!!! Well done.

Kelly hancock said...

I love Psalm 18, just reading it this week again!

That is an awesome shopping trip! I am so excited for you, and only 3 months. Just think what you will do in a few more months!!

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