Thursday, April 2, 2009


My oldest, Isabella has said some of the funniest things this week.

My last trimester of pregnancy we had someone clean the house a couple of times a month and my kids love it. Ms. Ruth was here to clean yesterday, so everyone was happy to come home to a clean house. At the dinner table we were discussing how much we loved our clean house and how good Ms. Ruth is at cleaning our house.

Isabella (gratefully): Ms. Ruth cleans really good. You do too Mommy, you just don't clean anymore. (That brought about roars of laughter from me and hubby)

Today I was googling "babies with bad gas" - Annais and Isabella had to come with me to the computer because they wanted to know what to do to help poor Judah too. I was reading the information out loud and this is what they said:

Annais (concerned): So, what is all this gas about?

Isabella (very seriously): Well, it's all about nipples and formula.

(Amazing what they can pull from a few paragraphs of text)

Last night watching Judah all curled up on my belly, Isabella and I were talking about how he probably curled up like that in my uterus.

Isabella (happily): So, Judah already made a friend, your uterus.

Oh, laughter is good medicine!


Mari said...

What a funny kid! Those are the kind of things you need to have written down so you remember them later~!

Well Watered Woman said...

This was refreshing to read. I came to your blog via Laced With Grace and I'm glad I did. Be blessed.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

That really is too funny and cute!

Thank you for sharing this sweet story and memory! You put a smile on my face and heart!

Love and blessings,
Can't wait to see some photos of Judah with the children and you!

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