Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yesterday after a wild trip to the grocery store we headed straight to Babies R' Us to purchase this:
A child harness (the nice way to say it) or a leash (it is what it is)

I was one of those people who thought these were awful and how could anyone put this on their child...yada, yada, yada. Well, now I am that person with a highly curious, adventurous and FAST little girl. Juggling four kids at home is challenging enough, but the grocery store, parking lot or even the museum - well, that's just dangerous. Kaira can disappear in .3 seconds leaving no trace of her whereabouts.

Hopefully, after some professional leash (harness) training and time she will get used to it and stop throwing herself on the floor and writhing as though she were in excruciating pain. We got many looks at the baby store yesterday and none were nice or sympathetic, but I understand, remember I WAS one of THOSE people. Fortunately, with age I got some wisdom and feel no need to explain myself to strangers who disapprovingly look at me in public while I lovingly try to convince Kaira this is a "good" thing. None of those people had four kids with them!

So, again I say, "Don't judge me!" To those I judged - I'm sorry! I was ignorant.
If you have any tips on helping Curious Kaira adjust to her new boundaries I wanna hear it!


Mari said...

I had one of those too. I didn't have to use it often but when all 3 kids were younger it helped. I figured it was like holding hands with an extendable arm. It allowed them more freedom than if I was just holding them!

{ jamie } said...

I never understood why anybody used those until I met a set of 3yo triplets & thought, HOW would you keep up with all three of them? Now I totally get it! And you've gotta do whatever it takes to keep them safe! ♥

Can't wait to meet little Judah!

TAMI said...

I resorted to using one of those for a while as well. Condemning beforehand, like you. We eventually got it all figured out, but until that happens there's TOO MUCH at stake to be taking chances. Do what you need to and just smile when all those "pre-understanding" moms sneer at you!!

AtlantaMama said...

ha ha -- you're so funny. But that is what it is and sometimes it is just safer.

Well Watered Woman said...

8 ) We used a harness with each of our children. Having 4 kidlets all 18 months apart you do what you have to do to keep your babies safe and in eyes view. Be blessed today.

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