Friday, April 24, 2009


Her name is Emma; she is three days old, has blonde hair, blue eyes and already responds to her name.

This was Isabella’s birthday present from my mom. Isabella and her daddy inserted batteries in her back, recorded her name and it was pure comedy after that. Emma is very demanding, as a baby can be, but she goes overboard. Isabella takes the roll of caretaker very seriously, so for Emma’s every demand she was doing whatever she could to appease her. It sounded like this:

Mommy I want my blankie
Mommy I’m sleepy
Mommy I have to go potty (don’t know why she says this since she’s in diapers)
Mommy I want my bear
Mommy I’m hungry

You can watch a video demonstration here

It was funny to hear because she is very much like having a newborn except she specifically asks for what she wants. In between fits of laughter I was taking pictures of Isabella nurturing her new baby just like a proud grandma. I assured Isabella when she has a real baby I will not laugh, but will help her.

When Isabella went to bed I asked her if she was going to sleep with Emma and she said, “Yeah, but I’m going to turn her off or I’ll never get any sleep.” Oh, out of the mouths of babes!

I used Emma’s neediness to explain to Isabella that is how it is with a newborn, except Judah does not have words to tell me what he wants, so he cries and I hold him and try to figure it out. Isabella has expressed recently that we spend too much time with Judah, so Emma’s arrival was perfect timing.

Yesterday in the car, with Emma securely fastened in her makeshift car seat, Annais told Isabella she was a good babysitter and she promptly replied, “I’m not her babysitter Annais, I’m a mommy now.”

As I type Isabella hands me Emma’s schedule, which is very similar to Judah’s – great reminder that they watch everything I do. She will make a great mommy some day, but in the meantime she has the flexibility to flip the on/off switch. Oh, the luxury!


TAMI said...

Very fun and sounds like valuable for learning!

Mari said...

What a cute picture! I love her statement about turning the baby oof - so funny!

AtlantaMama said...

Too Cute!!

Cindy said...

See is a precious little mommy.

I think I'd like to on/off switch for one of my 20+ year olds:) lol!

Mama D said...

Love this doll. Must get it for my granddaughter.

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