Wednesday, April 16, 2008


All I want to do today is spend time in prayer, worship and bathing in the presence of God. With three kids that is not easy to do, so I asked them to join me. We square danced to David Crowder’s I Saw the Light and danced to Shackles. I explained to Isabella that next week we would be dancing because the shackles WOULD be taken off our feet.

The work has begun, a deeper level of freedom is creeping into my spirit. I am celebrating the victory that was won on Calvary, desiring to see it fully manifest in me and feeling that it is just on the horizon. I believe I am tasting some of what I will experience next week during the healing conference.

Today I sat to worship and write everything I am expecting, wanting and desiring next week. I listened to Only You on YouTube, closed my eyes and let my fingers express everything stirring in my Spirit. During that time the Lord gave me revelation of one of the big things I am expecting next week.

Of the two pages I typed I think this says it best:

I want my life to come into focus as if I have been looking through the wrong glasses and finally get the right pair.

Today I have been overwhelmed with gratefulness of the goodness of God, everytime this has happened before I have had significant divine appointments. So, now I wait, expect and hope!

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