Sunday, April 20, 2008


Most of the time I'm Martha. Always running around the house putting something away, folding something or wiping something, but not this week. This week it was all I could do to feed and dress my kids (we stayed in our pajamas two days) because I just wanted to sit at His feet. I found freedom in that! I was not thinking about all the things I had to do because I was so wrapped up in Him, it was surprising to me. In and of myself I can not just to sit and be still (ask my hubby), but He enabled me to do that this week to prepare for what He is going to do this coming week. I always enjoyed being Martha, but now that I have experienced being Mary I must say it was wonderful. I pray He will help me be a unique balance of the two.

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AtlantaMama said...

Mmmmm. I needed to hear this. WOW! Thanks.

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