Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Freedom has been on my mind a lot lately. Mostly because we have been in one of the heaviest battles we have ever been in and we are a week away from attending a healing conference. We have wanted to attend this conference for a couple of years, but waited until this year, so Isabella could attend with us. We had planned to use our tax return to pay for the conference, but after talking to our accountant and realizing we were not getting what we expected I told Todd I was not sure if we could afford it. Then the Lord spoke, "You can not afford not to go. Your freedom is priceless!"

I am going to write a list, before we go, of my expectations for this conference and then I am going to write a list of all He does while we are there. I am fully expecting to be blown away by Him and be amazed at His exceeding abundantness!

I read this quote on Freedom this week:

"Freedom is not just the absence of bondage; it is the liberty to pursue all that we were created to be. Those who use their freedom to do evil, or to do nothing, will end up back in bondage. True liberty is not static, but it is the freedom to pursue our purpose unhindered." Rick Joyner from an article in Elijah Rain and his book The Overcoming Life

I want this to be a reflection of my life when we get back:

"The freedom of the Kingdom is in the heart, not our circumstances." Rick Joyner

Turn up your speakers, close your eyes and play this video. Let the words sink deep into your spirit. Be blessed, be encouraged, be FREE!

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