Sunday, June 28, 2009


My friend, Tina, that I talked about here came to visit a couple of weeks ago. As I said before we met in kindergarten in parochial school and have remained friends. It was nice to talk and laugh about the good 'ol times, but it was even nicer to talk about what God has done in our lives. It is a precious gift to have a friend who knows almost everything about you and your life and loves you anyway. She would say she doesn't love me, she just loved my scrambled eggs and that was the only reason she used to spend the night. Her mom came with her too, so that was an added bonus.

As a child I was extremely shy (hard to believe I know) and Tina was my voice. If I wanted anything or wanted to say anything, she spoke for me. When I caught tadpoles at the lake and put them in Dixie cups, Tina was the one who went ahead of me to all my neighbors houses asking if they wanted to buy a tadpole. I have always had an entreuprenuerial spirit. She was that kind of friend, I mean really who does that? I treasure her. We have had our share of laughs over the years and tears (mostly mine)!

Our daughters are close to the same age we were when we met and they were instant friends, which was kind of surreal since Isabella looks so much like me and her daughter like her. She took Isabella to the Gone with the Wind Museum and to the Kennesaw Mountain Battle Field where Isabella watched the movie with Maria, Tina's mom and thought it was "so interesting". We stayed up till the wee hours of the morning two nights in a row, but it was worth the loss of sleep. It was like being a kid again, but not with the carelessness or irresponsiblity of our youth. It was comfortable in a familiar way with a gratefulness for the saving of our souls and the blessings of many children between us.

She will meet up with us later in the summer when our family heads to the beach and I know the rest of her kids and mine will have just as much fun as the girls did.

In memory of Sister Pauline's second grade class where we listened to the following two songs EVERYDAY...what's up with that?


Mari said...

I remember those songs! How fun to see your kids building a friendship.

Stacey said...

AWWW ~it's so nice to have such a great friend through out the years!
That must be something to see your girls together.

(That is too funny that you listened to those songs everyday:)

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