Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Easter Sunday we went to church and a wonderful lady, Ellen, who ALWAYS has her camera in her hand took pictures of me, Judah and Isabella. No one else was interested in getting their picture taken.

As Ellen was taking this shoulder shot of Judah (he actually had his hands in the air - praising the Lord as his name implies) I was speaking to a lady about moving to the area. Church on Sunday is a day trip for us and we would LOVE to live closer. This lady and her husband live in an RV and travel around and always come back to the church to help out. She told me she was there last year helping out and we got to talking and she asked me if my daughter was Isabella. I said yes and she proceeded to tell me how Isabella had blessed her and ministered to her during a very rough time. I had tears in my eyes as she recounted Isabella's sweetness. She said at one point Isabella even hugged her and it really lifted her spirits. Her words were music to my ears. I have taught Isabella the word since she was born and I am seeing the fruit of that now. I still need to instruct her more in the word, but she does know it and it is hidden in her heart - Praise God! It is nice to hear your kids are cute, but when someone tells you that your child ministered to them...GLORY!

Sweet Isabella kissing Judah!
I think it looks like she is looking thankfully at the Father for her little brother
Sweet baby!
Mama and Judah


Mari said...

Yes, I can imagine that you were so blessed by hearing that! The pictures are great and your kids are cute!

Angela said...

Gorgeous photos! So so precious and you look marvelous! I do hope we can get together to meet before I move again.

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