Saturday, June 27, 2009


in shredded strips of the Sunday comics.

Okay, so I am planning my shopping trip to Target in a few minutes, which requires great thought and concentration (hopefully it will be as successful as I imagine it will be and I will post about it here). Anyway, my husband comes to me with a handful of something and says Kaira did this. Upon closer inspection I must say I was quite proud of her tearing ability. Look at the size of the strips, almost paper thin (pun intended).

She will make a great scrapbooker one day and will not need a $20 paper tearer, she has that mastered. The duct tape on the side is what he used to clean up the little pieces she began to tear from the strips (and what we use to keep her diaper on at night).

She is always good for a laugh, sometimes so much so I want to cry, but not tonight. Tonight I was completely impressed with her skill and dedication to the task of shredding the funnies. Very funny!

Lots to catch up on...hopefully I will have some time this week to write and upload pictures of our recent adventures. Looking forward to sharing some new insight and revelation.


Stacey said...

I must say those are some serious shredding skills!!!!!~Always looking forward to hearing your revelations:)

Hvae a great weekend!

Mari said...

That is quite impressive! I wonder what other hidden talents she has?

AtlantaMama said...

so funny... she's creative - huh? fun fun

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