Saturday, June 27, 2009


S'mores fixins $5.07 for a camping night (indoors) I'm planning...we have a mountain lion roaming the neighborhood, so I'm not even sleeping in the screened porch this year. Oh, that reminds's finished! Well finished enough for pictures...coming soon. I had too much tea today...can you tell?
$10.07 for everything pictured above. The receipt says I saved $14.32, so I saved more than I spent...which is now my goal for no other reason than I read it on someone else's blog. It just happens sometimes, I don't really plan it. It's amazing to see that on your receipt though. Remember, I stock pile, so my weekly shopping trips don't look normal. This is more stockpiling except for the Pepperidge Farm 12 grain bread...I'm completely out. Not bad for a late night run to Target. I was there three times today...two for my laundry room makeover...I'll put those in another's too hard to get them at the bottom of this one.


AtlantaMama said...

WOW WOW, you did GOOD!! (i just love s'mores)

Mari said...

I'm impressed! I don't think I've ever managed to save more than I spent.

{ jamie's cottage } said...

Wait a minute! A mountain lion out in your area!?! My dad has seen them up his way but he's WAY out in the mountains.

Stacey said...

Target is the greatest place in the world:)

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