Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hard to believe that two months has passed since bringing Judah home from the hospital. He has already grown and changed so much. I thank God that I have finally learned to rest in this stage. I have been able to enjoy Judah tremendously, even more so than with Kaira. I guess with each child you have more and more insight allowing you to rest and enjoy more.

Judah loves Isabella, his whole face lights up when she comes near him. He shows a lot of excitement now when one of comes close to him. He has discovered his hands and enjoys looking at them. He is sleeping through the night, which started at seven weeks...yeah Judah! He talks to us all the time making oooooo noise and a sort of humming sound. He also responds when we do it to him. If you kiss him he makes the kissing sound back, so cute!

God has shown me so much since the anticipation of Judah's arrival almost two years ago up until now and it has been a blessing and has changed me. All continual reminders of God's nearness and His great love for me and my family. Understanding His love a little more each time I have had a baby has continued to change me. He always knew who I was in Him, it has taken me four kids to even begin to understand.


Mari said...

He is so cute! Love those big eyes! What a blessing that you are enjoying your time with him.

AtlantaMama said...

this is a great post / great update on Judah. he's so cute and bright-eyed. that's neat that he loves his big sister and I'm sure she's like a mini-mommy. she's a great help. i'm also glad that you are enjoy him and soaking in the first few months... like you said, you know that they will pass so fast and you are able to just enjoy it. sweet. God is good.
Can you ask Judah to please teach my child to sleep thru the night in his own bed?!! ; )

Cindy said...

He is just precious.

Continuing to pray for your family:)

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

oh wow! he is just precious!

what a delicious baby boy judah is!

thanks for sharing this update!

thinking of you!

lots of love,

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