Sunday, May 17, 2009


You know that woman on the morning news that buys $175 worth of groceries and pays $23, well I want to be her. I enjoy saving money, so did my dad, it is in my blood (I sometimes imagine him smiling when I get a really good deal).

With the rising cost of almost EVERYTHING it makes me feel like I am doing something to help my family. We all talk about wanting to be that "Proverbs 31" woman and I think more of us are closer to her than we imagine. I believe saving money is part of her character, part of how she would have looked out for her family in 2009.

My purchase today at Target

Total $101.42, I paid $47.54 - total savings $53.88, so I am getting there! Until I get to be that woman on the morning news, I am happy to save more than I spend.

Notice there are four large frozen dinners in there ($6.94 each) and two boxes of hair color (Revlon & Garnier) found them on clearance and had coupons. There are also two large bottles of Suave 2 in 1 shampoo for my kids. I did not buy anything today that I did not have a coupon for. I got four free apples too!

How are you saving money these days? I would love to hear about it...


Mari said...

I am so impressed! I used to do a lot of rebates and coupons but have fallen off the wagon. You inspire me to at least pay more attention to coupons again.

Cindy said...

The difficult part for me is that we buy mostly fresh fruits, veggies, and some meat. I don't buy much that is processed. They sure don't make many coupons or specials on the things I buy.

Good for you!!!

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