Sunday, May 3, 2009


One night I held the hairdryer over Isabella’s ear too long and burned it a little. She said, “Ouch, you burned my ear”. I turned the hairdryer off and told her it reminded me of when the men came to arrest Jesus and one of his followers cut off one of the soldier’s ears and Jesus healed him.

Her response was priceless:

“Mommy, that’s love!” And with a look of revelation on her precious face she said, “Oh - I get it, love your enemies”.

I was amazed at how well she understood Jesus’ actions and applied them to scripture that she has heard (and apparently hidden in her heart). Her revelation was revelation for me too!

I remember watching The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson and the scene in the garden in particular when they came to arrest Jesus was the most troubling for me. Why? Because Jesus immediately reached up and healed that man’s ear and I thought to myself I do not understand love like that. Even then the connection of “loving your enemies” never hit me, but it has now thanks to the words Isabella excitingly uttered in my bathroom that night. The teachable moment was my daughter teaching me – Praise God!

When Jesus' followers saw what was going to happen, they said, "Lord, should we strike with our swords?" And one of them struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his right ear.
But Jesus answered, "No more of this!" And he touched the man's ear and healed him. Luke 22:49-51


Mari said...

Thanks for sharing her teaching moment with us, because I never thought about it in that context either. That was love!

AtlantaMama said...

great story

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

What a beautiful lesson to learn together - Mommy that was love! AMEN!

Hugs precious friend!

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