Saturday, July 12, 2008


This song has been running through my head since I saw it performed as a dance complete with chains being broken (construction paper of course) and keys being thrown into the audience. Get your dancing shoes on. Here are some of the lyrics:

I... want you to know - You’re about to break loose
Jesus took the keys... and gave ‘em to you

Shake loose... everything that binds you up
Who told you that you can’t make it
When God says that you can shake it
Shake loose... everything that binds you up
Praise Him like its your last chance
Get up and do the David dance

I heard you were feeling down
That Satan had you bound
No you don’t have to stay
Yes, you can leave today
Just lika' in the bible days
When men began to pray
Those jail cells start to shaken
Those chains a start to breakin’

"Satan will never oppose us more than when he thinks we're onto our callings."~BETH MOORE

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Susan said...

Oh my, what a GREAT SONG!!! I really enjoyed watching this one!

Thanks for sharing this with us today.

Got me dancing and shouting...


Amy Wyatt said...

What an awesome song! I loved it. Glad you joined in TSMSS. I need to add this song to my favorites.

Carmen said...


Shalom Rav!! (Abundant Peace)

Tänia said...

I had not seen this before! LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing this week!

Tänia @

Lisha said...

I loved the songs. May God richly bless you in all that is appointed by Him for you to do. Know that He is God. Be Blessed!

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