Monday, July 14, 2008


Have you experienced the grace of God? The grace of God is key to our salvation “for it is by grace you have been saved”, but grace comes in smaller and not so spiritual packages too. Do you recognize it?

On Fourth of July my three-year old son said he wanted to use the potty at Arby’s of all places, so I took him and nothing, but I did the over exaggerated “good job” and the happy potty dance to encourage him. When we got home he disappeared and called out for me, guess where he was? In the bathroom! He had successfully “gone” in the potty. We went out the next day and bought him Diego and Cars underwear to seal the deal. He has been successfully (most of the time) using the potty. It was that easy!

Today he was playing with his drawing board and told me he wrote his name, so I walked over to see his version of writing his name, this is what he did:

He wrote his name! I did not teach him to write his name A-N-N-A-I-S. I receive these as gifts of God’s grace.

I have a husband, three children, I homeschool and run a small business, so God extended His grace to me in these areas that usually require much training and teaching. You see my spirit is heavy these days for many reasons that I am sorting out with my Daddy and I do not have the energy to potty train or teach handwriting and God knows that! He makes provisions and He does that through His grace.

Below is a monologue that Israel Houghton does in his song I’m Still Standing (but by the Grace of God). How many times do we say, “by the grace of God”? It is habitual for some people, but we need to know that it really is true.

I’m still standing, but by the grace of God

I feel the need to explain something
This is not I’m still standing and I barely made it and I crawled into the building
Just pray for me brother and nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen kind of standing

When I was a kid I had one of those things that you could punch it and it’d go down and it would pop right back up because it was weighted on the bottom
That would preach wouldn’t it?
So, this kind of still standing is
He’s hit me with his best shot
Life has poured all it could on me
And I got to bounce back in my spirit

So, today I am still standing, my son uses the potty and writes his name…but by the GRACE of God because I'm weighted on the bottom. I am extremely thankful and I WILL bounce back in my spirit!


amy deanne said...

how awesome is that!!

AtlantaMama said...

Cannot believe that he wrote his name... WOW! God is good. What a cool story!

AtlantaMama said...

... yea for the potty VICTORY too!! Awesome that it just happend on it's own like that. YEA!

Morning By Morning said...

Great Post!
That is so awesome that he wrote his name :)

Brandie "Bee" said...

Isn't it fun when they do something on their own and you had nothing to do with it? To me, that's what homeschooling is all about. What I'm thinking is how brave you are to do the potty dance in Arby's!!

Becoming Me said...

You've been awarded--come see me in about an hour

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