Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Somewhere between here and here something happened. What? A deep and confident TRUST in God. My issues with trusting Him have been settled and my spirit has soared. He has not changed, He has always been trustworthy...something has changed in me.

Thank you for the calls, emails and prayers since my last post. Due to the response I am sensing I did not convey the Hope I was experiencing at the time in the midst of the situation. The circumstances are what they are, but God is SO much bigger! He has shown Himself strong.

There really is no way to describe what has been happening except to say “REVIVAL”. I have not been under a tent, gone to nightly meetings or even visited Lakeland, but I can tell you without a doubt I am experiencing REVIVAL. God has poured out His Spirit on me and I am changed. So, if the situation sounded hopeless, I apologize – I know (intimately) the source of my Hope. I do not want my inability to articulate the goodness and faithfulness of God to minimize it in any way.

The first definition of REVIVAL on dictionary.com is: restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc. So, I would say "Yes, it is definitely REVIVAL!"


TAMI said...

Nothing like a good definition and a good God to AFFIRM us. Thanks for your witness this morning.

jamie in rose cottage said...

You've been in my thoughts often lately; I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling God's love so deeply and truly. I pray that your revival continues.

Mrs. Sidney said...

That is awesome.. I love when God shows us the way through our struggles especially when we begin to think there might not be a way out.
Blessings, Ronel

Cindy said...

So often when I have been at the lowest points of my life is when God does HIS best work. WHY? Because it is usually when we are 'alone' that we can really begin to sense HIS presence.
Our lives are so full of 'stuff' that we miss His whisper, His touch, His laugh, His love.
Though the situation 'is what it is' God will make something good out of it. You will grow in faith and His grace will abound through you.
Thank you sharing your heart today. I love hearing how God is working in the lives of His kids.

Morning By Morning said...

Praise the Lord!!!!
I am so happy for you!

Brandie "Bee" said...

I'll have to elaborate in my blog, but needless to say, empty is where He wants you.

God Bless!

AtlantaMama said...

I Want It

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