Sunday, August 31, 2008



If you know me well, you know that I have complete and total disdain for Eeyore. He is so negative, gloomy and defeated; my friend and I call it the "spirit of Eeyore". This picture goes perfectly with his attitude! I can feel it I am getting fired up already and that is how I get everytime I talk about him, think about him or see him. We all have our issues and Eeyore is one of mine.

One day while watching Pooh's Heffalump Movie, with my daughter, I lost it. Througout the movie he was carrying all this stuff on his back including, but not limited to a grandfather clock. He was uncharacteristically annoying and gloomy, even for Eeyore, in this movie. I looked at my daughter and asked her, "Do you know what is wrong with Eeyore?" Then immediately answered my own question with, "I'll tell ya what's wrong with Eeyore, he doesn't know Jesus."

Many people walk around everyday just like Eeyore and you know them, you may even live with them. The sad truth is many of them are Christians. The bible says we are more than conquerors through him who loved us, does that come across in our attitudes? Or do we resemble Eeyore in more ways than we care to admit?

I found this book on-line, so I guess I am not the only one who has issues with Eeyore:Living with Eeyore: How to Positively Love the Negative People in Your Life


Mari said...

I think Eeyore is kind of cute in the cartoon, but I like Tigger more! On the other hand, people who live like Eeyore are hard to deal with. You are right - they need Jesus!

Carolyn said...

The Eeyore's in my life - Christian and Heathen have been a blessing to me. I say that because they have made the Joy of the Lord so much more precious to me. I've noticed as I minister that joy to these people, their joy is increased. Do you think that we Tiggers are used by God to show Eeyores His love and joy??? Could be.

Cindy said...

I just got done talking to the Eeyore in my life. I walk away feeling so yucky. I had to come check some blogs to see if I could find something encouraging. This is what I found ~ Hmmm ~ maybe I need to get that book.
Blessings, Cindy

Mrs. Sidney said...

I think I need that book... I have many negative family members and you can't just walk away from family, right?

AtlantaMama said...

totally with you on this one

Morning By Morning said...

LOL! the "spirit of Eeyore"~ That is GREAT!!!! I am a very positive/optmistic person so I can completely relate!!!

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