Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This morning I woke up as Todd said good-bye and I was glad because today was his 35th birthday. I sleepily wished him happy birthday and asked him what time his conference call started this morning. I then rolled over and went back to sleep. The kids and I were headed to the museum, so we were busy getting ready when the phone rang at 8:30 a.m. It was the sales guy from Todd’s store wondering if he was still home. Immediately, panic set in. I hoped he was kidding. He said he wondered if Todd had a meeting or a class this morning that he forgot to tell them about. I said, “No!” I’m going to call the hospitals. The guy said, “You’re going straight to that?” I said, “Yes, this is not like Todd.” He said, “I’m going to try to find out if he was on the conference call this morning, but I don’t want to get him in trouble.” I said, “He’s already in trouble if he’s not at work.” The guy chuckled as if he thought I was being a controlling wife, but I didn’t mean he was in trouble with me, I meant if he wasn’t already at work something had happened. He was trying to reassure me, but I insisted that I knew my husband and this was not like him.

I called Kennestone and Grady Hospitals and tried to catch the traffic report. I loaded up the three kids, two dressed and one still in his pajamas and headed out to follow Todd’s route to work. As I neared the bottom of the driveway Todd called. He had been in an accident at 6:00 a.m. and the police arrived at 7:30, which is why he didn’t get to work till after 8:30. He was fine, the car was minimally damaged and no one was hurt. There had been no way to get a hold of him because he doesn’t carry a cell phone (which I’m hoping will change after today). I knew something had happened to him because not showing up for work was out of character for him.

After a busy morning at the museum I headed home and as I drove the Lord reminded me of His character - loving, steady, secure and faithful. Knowing His character produces trust because I have knowledge and experience of who He is. That is how I felt this morning when I found out Todd wasn’t at work; I knew something had happened because I know his character. That’s an exciting place to be in my marriage because it hasn’t always been this way. There was a time I didn’t know who Todd was let alone his character. God wants us to be that sure of who He is. When someone tries to convince us He’s something other than who we know Him to be we can automatically say, “NO, that is out of character for Him.”

It was a tense morning, but tonight I feel reassured - God’s character can be trusted and so can my husband’s.

Printed with Todd's blessing!

R.F. & K.F. You're the best cheerleaders, we've got a touchdown! VICTORY!!!

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shawna said...

Love it! Great story... I have been waiting for you to blog. Hugs

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