Sunday, February 10, 2008


It was just over two months ago when the Lord spoke clearly to me about purchasing a tea business, one month ago we signed the contract and this week we began to receive our first orders. When He gave me the vision for this business I had no idea how quickly and amazingly everything would happen. As a homeschooling mom of three and wife to one; I can tell you that the only way this all happened was "supernatural". God has given me the grace, energy and strength to do what He has called me to do over the last month. Obedience became a key in this process as the Lord showed me how obedience years ago had positioned me for this opportunity.

As we began to discuss the business we asked those closest to us to pray. The prayers went up and God's words came down. We were continually amazed at the clarity, confirmation and excitement. We knew before our first transaction took place we had to thank the Lord for the blessing and dedicate all we would do to Him. We invited those prayer warriors over for a celebration and dedication.

One couple brought a balloon and had asked everyone coming to seek the Lord for a scripture or word for us concerning the business to write on it. On the balloon was written "New Beginnings". It was truly a blessing to hear the words the Lord had given to these friends to encourage us in this process. I believe we heard clearly from His heart; His plans and purposes. We had a wonderful prayer time and felt blessed and encouraged by the scriptures and words everyone shared.

Just a few days before the celebration I asked Ann to take pictures for us. I felt it would be good to have someone else taking pictures, so I could focus on my guests and maybe even get some pictures of us praying. I was excitedly talking to Malorie about the party the night before and we were discussing the pictures and what vision God might give Ann while taking the pictures. Malorie said she believed we would see the very presence of God in those pictures, please take note of the picture of Todd and I releasing the balloon.

Above are some photos taken that day... All photos by Ann Purcell - thank you Ann for your vision.


AtlantaMama said...

I'm excited about your new beginnings... and the tea!! (We need to plan a Tea -- Mom's Night Out again soon.)

Mari said...

Better said, "Thank you Ann for capturing His vision"

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