Saturday, January 19, 2008


As the enemy attempts to take me back in the trenches God’s voice reaches into the depths of my heart and in the midst of chaos I find hope. He is a light penetrating the darkness that tries to torment my soul. Erupting undetected, old behaviors and thought patterns are now my enemies. Desperation cries out from deep in my soul and God replies, “I want this area too!” The accuser casts doubt, brings fear and causes pain, but God so rich in His mercy says, “NO, this too will be healed and made whole.”

"When you announce a goal you give every friend a chance to express their level of loyalty and you give adversaries a chance to expose themselves." - Mike Murdock

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Writeaway said...

This is a good word! I needed a good word. A friend betrayed me today and it really hurt. Thanks for your uplifting blog!

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