Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ironically I wrote this 14 years ago when I first moved to Delaware and saw my first fall and was overwhelmed by the beauty. It was a time of great struggle for me as I was at the height of my battle against depression. Praise God by His love and mercy I was Gloriously healed and no longer have to live in bondage in that area.

After all the revelation I have been having in the area of “seasons” I thought this fitting to share. Keep in mind that I was not following the Lord when I wrote this. Now I know that I do not lose my way because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and the lifter of my head.


Leaves fall from the tress around me
Symbols of life

People will admire the magnificent sight
Wonders of nature

Leaves of radiant colors…reds, greens and golds
Brittle and broken

Leaves fall as they must
I have fallen too

Winter is dark and dreary
I have lost my way

Tress before me naked and bare
I am feeling helpless and unprotected

The sun hangs lower
I cannot hold up my head

Spring is here and with it an abundance of new life
The cloudiness I felt is gone

Amazing the sight before me
I pick myself up

Brilliant new flowers…leaves sprouting on the trees
I smile

Sunshine on the trees stimulating its growth
I have grown

The leaves are green…the trees are full
I feel whole again

Leaves fall from the trees around me
Symbols of life


Andrea said...

Very, very beautiful and moving! How good God is to give us such freedom from our pain and distress. I understand this healing. I have suffered the woes of depression. Thank God, praise His name, I am now whole!

Many blessings to you this evening.


Mari said...

What a beautiful poem. Great comparison in the seasons to the seasons of our lives.

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