Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Recently I had a new visitor to my blog, Jill, Forever n' Ever n' Always, she has blessed me with her comments and insightful posts on her blog. She reached out and connected me with a friend of hers who was having marriage difficulties too, giving us opportunity to connect and pray for each other. I visited Jill's blog a couple of weeks ago and left a comment on a giveaway post, not even sure I knew that I was entering the giveaway. Well, I won! This is what I won…

Isn’t she beautiful? Her name is Lin Su, which I’m sure will change once Isabella gets her for her birthday, but that’s okay. Check out Pam’s blog and Etsy site, you will be blessed. Here is a post introducing some of her new dolls.

So, thank you to Jill and Pam for the opportunity to receive one of these beautiful dolls and with another little girl, I’ll be by to get another soon.


Mari said...

First I have to tell you not to put anything about delivery in your titles. What do you think I thought when I glimpsed that???
Anyway - what a cute doll. You will have a few happy girls if you get another! Congrats on winning her.

Kelly said...

Hi there!

What a precious doll!!! I love her! So sweet. How are things going for you and your family? I am SO sorry I haven't written you back yet. Oh my goodness..my husband and I prayed that our house would sell out from under our feet and GOD ANSWERED! Its been about 12 days since we put it on the market and we just sold it!! So needless to say I have to pack up the whole house in a matter of like 2 days (due to my hubby's work schedule) while taking care of our two little ones. So please pray for my sanity!!! lol I would LOVE to hear how you are doing...and please know that I think of you often and pray for your family! God bless!!!


Darlene said...

Congrats on winning the doll!!!

AtlantaMama said...

sweet. what a great blog connection.

Cindy said...

I agree with the other Mari about not putting 'delivery' in your title - I thought for sure we had a "Judah"

Anyway, congrats on winning - she is darling - I never win those giveaways!

Praying for you and baby!!!!!!

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