Sunday, February 15, 2009


PAGES 1 & 2

Here are photos and instructions to make eight (8) 6x6 scrapbook pages using only three (3) sheets of card stock. This time I used decorative scrapbook paper instead of stamping on white card stock - either way is fine and beautiful - I just opted for simplicity. I also used double sided card stock, so I had 16 completed scrapbook pages instead of eight when I was finished. I also doubled the instructions, so I have a complete 32 page 6x6 album for Judah's pictures when he arrives. I will just have to paste the pictures in the album and not have to think about "the day I will get to an album for him". Isabella also made one, so he will be sure to have pictures in an album somewhere between the two of us.

Notice I have been more creative lately? I may be nesting, but I also believe since the hardest part of the battle is behind me I am free once again to do some of the more creative and fun things I love to do - THANK YOU LORD!

Click here for instructions

PAGES 3 &4 PAGES 5 & 6

PAGES 7 & 8


Mari said...

Great ideas for pages. I am doing a small scrapbook for our Pastors wife as they are moving. Coming up with the backgrounds takes me way too much time, so I appreciate your idea!

AtlantaMama said...

i love the idea. and i have noticed your crafty / creative side in action... that is a good sign of healing. i left all of my scrapbooking behind for like a year & that was also when i was going thru a hard time. creative outlets are very healthy.
thanks again for the ideas. = )

Cindy J said...

Hi Mari,
I came across your card today that you gave me with your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at some of your posts. Wow-God is really working in your life and it is exciting to be able to share in that. I see that you are expecting another blessing from the Lord. I will be praying for you and your family.

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