Thursday, July 1, 2010


Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Words from a hymn written in 1887, but the words and message are timeless!

If I really sit down and think about why I do not obey, it usually comes down to a lack of trust.

At the end of March I took Judah for prayer for his ear infections. It had been a couple of years since I had been to that particular church’s prayer night. After they were done praying for me and Judah a lady called me over and handed me two pictures that she had painted for me while I was receiving prayer.

(Sorry for the terrible picture, I tried taking it over and over again. The text says, "I have set angels in charge over you. You are never alone.")

This one immediately ministered to me because Isabella had asked me to read the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert before I left the house. For the first time the last line really stood out to me and became rhema:

Matthew 4:11 Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

The next picture ministered to me for a moment and I cried, but the Lord told me this one was not for me and He told me who it was for.

A little girl approached me as I left and handed me yet another painting (above) and said that it was “the Lord’s presence”. Needless to say I was extremely blessed and full leaving there that night. I came home and taped the two pictures from the lady to my bathroom mirror and gave the one from the little girl to Isabella.

The Lord kept gently reminding me to send the one of the jar with tears to someone else. I hesitated, I stalled, I flat out disobeyed. I wanted that for myself, I wanted the constant reminder that He sees ME. I could not let go of that tangible reminder. I was feeling forgotten by God, unseen, desperate for Him and I did NOT trust Him.

About a month later I knew that I would be seeing the lady who the picture was for, so I sat down with the picture, a card and a pen. I cried. I mean really cried. I wrote to her telling her that the Lord said this was for her and that I did not want to give it to her, but He was telling me to trust Him. I put the picture in the card and sealed the envelope and headed to the meeting. She was not there. I asked someone if they would see her and they said they would not – maybe I could just keep it after all? No! I addressed it and put it in the mailbox. My well meaning son brought me the mail, not really, it was just the card that I had put in there. Hmmm, maybe I could still keep it? No! I explained to him that it was outgoing mail and asked him to take it back. Two days later I read this (please click on the link and read Nita's post, it is overwhelming). I was overwhelmed with the goodness of God, I cried and cried. The blessing for me was not in the keeping of that which did not belong to me, but the giving it away. Despite my disobedience the Lord used that picture at the perfect time to bless Nita and Drew. I was left speechless at what the Lord did.

You know what the message was at the meeting that night, the night that I took the picture to its rightful owner...That God in the Old Testament is El Roi, THE GOD WHO SEES.

This is not to puff myself up or pat myself on the back for my obedience, I just want to share the result of obedience (even delayed obedience). The Lord used this situation to show me that the blessing is in the obedience. He was preparing me for an even greater task just a week later…I’ll share that next time.

Until then, do you really trust Him? Are you obeying Him? If not, why not? The more I learn to trust Him the easier it is to obey Him especially when I see how He took my mustard seed and multiplied it!


Mari said...

This is such a wonderful post! The way God used the picture you received to bless both you and Nita, and the fact that the picture arrived at just the right time is just another testimony of God's love and care. I'm so glad you shared this.

Michelle said...

Isn't it awesome how God cherishes our tears. When we think no one sees we can be comforted with the thought God sees.

Missie said...


Sara said...

Delighted to meet you today. Followed over from Thirsty as Missie said you live out your faith. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to slip off my shoes and drench in pure goodness.


Kelly said...

What a wonderful story of Gods goodness! Thank you for sharing this with all of us Mari! I just stopped by Nita's blog - I planned on posting a comment on her blog too - but too many tears fell from my eyes after reading about her sweet little boy. My heart has been aching deeply for our sweet many times it feels like we are going through this alone, but then I am reminded (through blogs like this) that we are not alone on this journey and that GOD IS GOOD..HE IS HERE AND HE IS GOOD! This story really, really touched my heart tonight, thanks for sharing!

How have you been doing? How is homeschooling going? Have you made any decisions about preschool/daycare for the little ones? I am so nervous - we will begin our very first year as a homeschooling family when our dd starts kindergarten this fall. Very excited and very nervous! All of this brings me back to your blog title tonight "trust and obey, there is no other way"!! ;)

Well I better get to bed. A nasty cold caught up with me and our three ladies this week - so needless to say, im beat! I hope you are doing well tonight. Rest in His peace my friend.

Love and hugs,

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