Friday, July 2, 2010


Follow-up to yesterday's post read first

The Lord reminded me of a very important lesson I left out from yesterday’s post. As I attempted to hold onto something that was not mine, the Lord asked me what else I was holding onto? What? Me? “Yes, you are holding onto many things that don’t belong to you!” Ouch! Of course, He was right and after careful examination this is what I came up with.

I hold onto behaviors that are not pleasing to the Lord, but since I don’t trust Him I rely on these behaviors to keep me “safe”. In reality I am not “safe” just deeper in bondage. A pastor approached me once and said, “The Lord says that the fear will not keep you safe, He will.” That is truth, but I hold onto the fear for dear life although the Lord says “FEAR NOT” in His word I think 365 times. I’m a slow learner sometimes.

I hold onto things because I am afraid of lacking. God says in His Word, “My people shall lack no good thing.” I have a hard time with that because of my trust issue, but I’m working on that. I will keep certain things in case I need them someday instead of trusting His provision. My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory.

I hold onto relationships, ones that are dead or dying simply because I don’t want to let go or am afraid to let go. I was reminded of this recently when talking to a friend from elementary school. We haven’t spoken in over 20 years and she never asked me one question about me, but proceeded to talk about herself. She was no different back then, but I held onto the relationship. It made me sad that I was willing to maintain a relationship like that just to have a “friend”.

We all hold onto things that the Lord would rather see us let go of. Things that keep us from His BEST for us, things that keep us from His BLESSINGS, things that keep us from His WILL for our lives. I’m still recognizing things that I’m holding onto and asking Him to show me how to let go, because I cannot do it on my own.

I am reminded again of the blessing of obedience, if the Lord says let it go then I can let go in total peace and trust! Trust and obey, there is no other way.


Missie said...

I do too...thanks for the "kick in the tush." I needed to hear this today!

Mari said...

I do the same thing and appreciate what you shared. It strikes me that this is a good example of how God can use everything to His glory. Although you held on to this, God allowed it to be sent at just the right time!

Kelly said...

guilty over here too.. :(

i have so much that i need to hand over to Him - so much that i need to let go of - so much inside me that needs to change!

this was a great reminder of all these things i put on the back burner..things i say i will deal with 'later' but never get around to actually dealing with!

thank you for your sweet, sweet email! you encouraged me beyond belief!!

many hugs my friend

Anonymous said...

Are you my twin? In letting go of relationships sometimes I make the mistake of condemning myself and wondering if God said so (sound familiar--Eve), then I go back and try to have a relationship with someone God has definitely said to let go of. It's difficult because we think something's wrong with us and sometimes that is so, but most of the time it is because God knows each of our tendencies and our heart and He knows what is best for His children even more than we know ourselves. When He says let go, we are best to simply trust Him. Now I have learned that He calls us to love all people, but not necessarily be in relationship with all people. You can love from a distance--pray, wish well and even serve if there is a need that God will then say go ahead, but relationship is much more complex than people think. Oh my, I'm going to enjoy reading your posts. =D Iron sharpening iron.

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