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A couple of months ago a friend asked me to bring tea and set up a table at her customer appreciation party. I knew it would be a great event, but I never expected a divine appointment. The lady setting up next to me, Lekeshia, had a sign that said “I See You Sis”, so you know I had to find out what she was doing, which led to several short conversations throughout the afternoon. I was ignited by her passion for the Lord and her passion for women. In an age of social networking and text messaging, she is taking it “old school”. I’ll let her explain.

How did you come up with the idea for I See You Sis?
I would like to say, I came up with the idea. However, God gave it to me through a wonderful experience. In April 2008, while working out at Bally Total Fitness (Marietta, GA) I was caught-off guard by a zealous woman. While on my treadmill, across the room there she was, running with every fiber in her being. Ouch! I got convicted. Here I was a former track athlete with a free membership, mp3 player and a football/track coach as a work out partner. And there she ran alone, all alone with only her clothes and a water bottle. (Prior to this conviction, I was walking on the treadmill cruising on former muscle memory and family genetics.) Immediately I turned my speed up until I was finishing my 35 minute run at speed 6 on an incline of 3. Wow! in less than 2 hours at the gym; I silently meet a woman that would change my life and the life of many women and girls. I never spoke to this woman of inspiration. At the time, I was too into my insecurities to approach her with words of encouragement. Later she left and I remained there inspired. Before my work out ended, all I could think of was "I see you sis". As I kept repeating it, the vision for this company began to flow simultaneously.

Tell us about the concept of “I See You Sis”
(KJV) Matthew 12:50 "For whosoever does the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother and sister , and mother." The "I" in I see you sis is the voice of Jesus Christ. In us He lives and as vessels we are used to do the works of the kingdom. One which is to encourage positively in love and truth, to build each other up.

What are your goals, hopes or dreams for this ministry?
Each one Inspires. Encourage one Individual. As stated in my motto, I vision for women and girls to live on purpose, in purpose to inspire those in need. And in turn, encourage others to encourage those who has inspired them. This year I look forward to faithfully being apart of 1,000,000 letters of encouragement shared across the globe. As well as motivate and give purpose for people re-embrace the most intimate form of communication; writing!

Share a testimony or two that you have received since starting this ministry?
I believe in sowing. And before I sold any letters, I wrote to 50 women. Many responded back with encouragement to continue sharing this opportunity with others. It helped them during their not so sunny days. They reread their letters to get them over the hump. A letter of encouragement is like a hug to someone who needs comfort or a smile.

How can others get involved?
My dollar menu consist of one item that is fat-free, zero calories and reduces weight. $1 to get involved is all it takes. Others can get involved by sending out "I see you sis" letters to any woman or girl. And yes! Men can get involved too. And, you'll have a blank card and envelope embodying the "I see you sis" logo and motto.

So, it's simple. Buy an "I See You Sis" card and send to a woman or girl you want to encourage or send out your own "I See You Sis" letter to any woman or girl.

How can people contact you?
I am most certainly available in 4 ways. - P.O. Box 680993 Marietta GA 30068 - or my favorite, 404-642-2300. Since my website is in progress and many will desire to purchase I see you sis letters. Use any form of contact and we'll make it happen. Preferably by phone or mail.

We are offering a giveaway of five I See You Sis cards to two random winners. Please leave a comment to be entered to win. You can just leave a comment or share how a personal handwritten note has encouraged you or how the Lord has used good old fashioned communication to bless you or someone you know. I usually do not do this, but I feel so strongly about this message that I am offering a second entry to you if you will post about this giveaway on your blog and a third entry if you post about it on Facebook with a link to I See You Sis Facebook page. Make sure you link directly back to this post. We need a way to contact you, if you have to leave an email address, leave it as email (@) bellsouth (dot) net to prevent spam.

Winner will be selected on July 18th!

If you are the not one of the lucky winners, please contact Lekeshia to be a part of this awesome ministry.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not understanding what is actually done? Send a letter of encouragement? Can you be more specific or am I totally missing it?

Mari said...

You buy an "I See You Sis" card for $1and send to a woman or girl you would like to encourage or send your own "I See You Sis" letter or card. Keep in mind the "I" stands for the voice of Jesus Christ. In us He lives and as vessels we are used to do the works of the kingdom. One which is to encourage positively in love and truth, to build each other up.

Anonymous said...

This sounds amazing. Amazing because it is a great opportunity to serve God but also because of the timing. One of the things I love to do most is to be an encourager. Just this very weekend I purchased a box of beautiful cards--vintage looking with some gold embossing--with the intent to pass it on with a message of encouragement to people as God led. I have already given out two and have one made out to give to someone who really needs it tomorrow. The first two were more of a thank-you note but the one I'm delivering tomorrow is simply an encouragement which I'm led to leave anonymously. I hesitated to do so today because the person happens to be very bitter and proud and, ughhh, well, my flesh just wondered if they'll even receive it because I've extended so much encouragement and love to them; however, God knows the hearts that need it the most. Then I come here tonight and see this. Is God amazing. (Not a question =D .

I would most certainly love to be part of this so yes, please, enter me. Is there anything else I need to do beside this comment with sharing this testimony? Let me know.

Love visiting as always.

Anonymous said...

Mari, was it okay to take a copy of the pic you put up? I thought it was part of the ministry but then wondered. Let me know, if not, I will most certainly change it.

Also, I tried taking the Still Small Voice Sunday button code but it doesn't let me right click. Not sure what is causing it.

Sandy said...

I came here from One Heart. I am definitely interested in this! This past year, at the school that I taught at, women from a local church anonymously (your praying sister) sent encouraging cards throughout the year. It was nice to get those. I am also an encourager and like to send notes.

Mari said...

What a great way to encourage other women. It's a huge need and I love that she started this. Thanks for sharing this!

Christian said...

Hi Mari...great mom loves this song...Just followed you..add me in yours please.Thanks and God bless

Mine's here:

Michelle said...

I love this song. Great choice!

Madonna said...

I just heard this song a couple months ago or so and I loved it. Sometimes I get so busy I forget I am supposed to be about the Father's business. Thanks for sharing

Sara said...

What a beautiful concept. And I love this song! It reminds me of ministering on the inner city streets and in the uptown neighborhoods of the mission field. The girl is everywhere.

Stopping by today from TSMS. Delighted to sing with you. I hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you a bit more.

Splashing and singing,

Wanda said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea. Who couldn't use a dose of encouragement from time to time.

Mike Hamilton said...
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Cindy said...

Encouragement is a necessary part of life. This is great!

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