Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am who I AM says I am

I have shared my testimony here before. When it happened I wasn’t sure what happened then I thought the Lord healed me of life-long depression and He did…well, sort of…

About six months ago the Lord showed me that He did not heal me of depression that night, He healed my broken heart and I received His love for me which broke the power of many strongholds in my life. That was a powerful revelation. Anyway, in the last month He has shown me that I have formed my identity in this testimony, which on the surface may sound good, but IT’S NOT! I AM NOT my testimony!

I AM says that…

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
I am the apple of His eye
I am the daughter of the Most High God

So, the moral of this story is your identity is in Him and Him alone, not even in what He has done for you (no matter how good it is). If you do not have your identity secure in Him you can be sure that the devil will be knocking on your door to bring doubt, confusion and unbelief. If you are not sure who you are ask Him who created you!


Mari said...

That's a powerful thought! Many of us form our identity around things God has done for us, and I must admit I never thought of it in the way you just wrote. It makes sense!

TAMI said...

If He is not yet our EVERYTHING (including our identity), then God is still inviting us into more of Him!

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