Friday, January 1, 2010


This was my Christmas gift from Todd's parents, a Zojirushi bread maker. It has taunted me from the den since opening it Christmas morning. It sat on the floor mocking me and overwhelming me with all its features and large instruction manual, then Tami from Floating in Winter Creek threw in the lifesaver...a recipe. She emailed me because I had asked her opinion about bread makers before deciding on the model I should get and she was a huge help.

Tami emailed me out of the blue to find out if I got the bread maker and then sent me a recipe for Outback Steakhouse Honey Wheat Bushman Bread and she said this, "This is one of those recipes where the machine makes the dough, but you shape it yourself and bake it in your oven. And just wait until you smell this loaf!! All your intimidation will be pushed aside and you'll be baking like crazy!" Well, that was ALL I needed, a little encouragement! Tami, were you a cheerleader? You make a GREAT one...thanks!
Isabella helped pour the ingredients into the bread maker...complete with yeast well.
This was after the dough cycle was complete. Isn't it pretty?
Can't remember if this was before or after they rose. I'm not very good at shaping them, mostly because I don't like working with the dough. I'm putting all my faith in the yeast to make these babies rise into the loaves they were created to be. Crazy? We'll see.

Not bad for a first timer.

Straight out of the oven.

Eight beautiful loaves cooling.

Just like Outback, knife stuck in the top and all...that impressed Isabella. See our homemade whipped butter? Just a little butter, a little milk and a beater...VOILA...whipped butter!

The true test was cutting it open and it was...cooked! SUCCESS!!!

We dug in and it is everything Tami said it was!!! Try it, you will NOT be disappointed. Email me for the recipe, the one online has not been updated for PERFECTION!!!
Our second attempt is already in the bread maker. We are attempting whole wheat bread cooked in the breadmaker from start to finish.


Mari said...

It looks so good! What a nice bread maker - I like the oblong loaves it makes.

{ jamie } said...

OK, I'm jealous now. ;)

Sharon said...

I adore my bread machine! It's so good! And I NEVER use it to actually bake the bread, I just use it to make the dough... I like how the oven bakes the crust better than the machine.

(and great job on the mantel clock - shazam!)

TAMI said...

Yeah!! I was just popping over to send you an e-mail to see if you'd made the bread yet. Don't know how I MISSED this post before! So glad it turned out well and you're on your bread making way!!

We made the Bushman's bread yesterday to go with some homemade soup.

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