Tuesday, March 17, 2009


An excerpt from a letter I wrote when Kaira, baby 3, was two months old:

December 2006

While still in the hospital I began to realize that something else had taken place in me, my hope and joy as a mother had been restored. (Actually it was not restored because it had never been there, this was COMPLETELY NEW) I felt something for this baby I had been unable to feel for my other two and my words cannot do justice to what took place in my heart and spirit. A deep inner belief rose up in me that was unshakeable - Christ (my Hope) will provide all that I need to be everything He intends me to be for all my children. Not only did I have a wonderful time with Kaira, I was a different mother to Isabella and Annais.

Finding this today was such a blessing. What a great reminder of the Lord's faithfulness and love and His desire to heal our hearts. I look forward to all I will learn from Judah and how that will affect the rest of us.


Mari said...

It is a blessing - jusst the kind of thing you need to be reminded of at the end of your pregnancy. God will sustain you and more than that - he will bless you!

AtlantaMama said...

awesome! God is so good to remind us that we are on a journey... each year with Him is a step (or maybe several) into the MORE of Him and seeing things out of more healing and walking in new ways. The JOY OF THE LORD WILL BE YOUR STRENGTH this weekend!!!!!! I pray that all of the hope and healing that you learned w/ #3 will be multiplied into deeper revalations from God with the birth of Judah... More Lord! The More of you over Mari and their whole house.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

How beautiful is that!

What a blessing to find and bask in His love for you all over again!

Hugs and love!

Can't wait to "meet" precious Judah!

Cindy said...

Praying for you as you count down the hours until you see Little Judah's face and hold him close to you!!!!!

Mama D said...

What a joy for you to finally hold Judah in your arms! As much as you love him, God loves you so much more.
You are such a vessel of His love pouring that love on Judah, the rest of the family, extended family, friends and even the way you greet strangers.
I release you to to the peace that passes all understanding.

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