Monday, December 31, 2007


We ushered in 2007 with three children four and under…life was busy to say the least. The transition from two to three children went better than expected and we saw prayers answered. Isabella and Annais settled into their new roles as big sister and brother easily and both were quite nurturing to Kaira.

In February the Lord blessed us with the house of our dreams. I got my Floridian style house nestled in North Georgia with a mountain view and Todd got his ranch floorplan. Within a month to the day of looking at the house we moved in and put the townhouse for sale. It did not sell so quickly, but in the eight months it took to sell we learned a lot about God and His heart for us. We reached new levels of faith and learned to trust Him in everything. Praise God the townhouse sold in November and we will not carry that into the New Year. It is a relief that I don’t think we have fully experienced yet.

We successfully completed pre-kindergarten with Isabella at home. She could count, recognize all her letters and sounds and was eagerly anticipating kindergarten. We are almost half way through kindergarten and I must say everyone is learning a lot. I’ve contemplated rewriting Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned in Kindergarten as I am finding that to be true. Isabella is reading short stories and Annais by default knows his letters, numbers and can write some of them. He says he’s in kindergarten too and refuses coloring books and crayons, but is quite happy with old worksheets and a pencil. He adamantly requests “school work”.

Kaira is curious, at least that’s what Isabella says and I would have to agree. Annais will come to me and say, “Mommy, Kaira is in mischief again.” And she usually is! The girl has always got something to do, which usually includes emptying something out, so she can get in. She has perfectly executed a 911 call complete with officer arriving at our front door in 10 minutes flat. Her huge, piercing blue eyes combined with her infectious smile bless all who come in contact with her. She is a mommy’s girl, which is a new experience for me, one that proves difficult with her being one of three.

We are now a family of five with more loads of laundry than I think are legal in a category 4 drought. Having a larger home makes housework challenging - nothing is ever “all done”. Some weeks I clean the floors (or some of them), some weeks I change the sheets, some weeks I have even gotten all the laundry done, but NEVER has it all happened in the same week. So, if you drop by and the floors are dirty there’s a good chance you’ll sit on a clean potty, but if the floors are clean…you may want to try the gas station bathroom down the road.

Life is good and God is better. He has absolutely done exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask, think or imagine. His faithfulness is matchless and we are blessed, honored and humbled to be called His children.

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Ruth Allen Bryant said...

I enjoyed reading this recap so much. Love and blessing for the year to come!

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