Monday, December 17, 2007


Photo by Brent Purcell

This picture was emailed to me this morning and I have thought about it all day. I am so drawn to it. If we were burning and on fire for God people WOULD be drawn to us! People light fires for warmth or beauty - how many people do you know need warmth in places that have grown cold and need beauty where only ashes remain? He wants to do that through us. Oh, how I long to burn brightly for my Savior. I want to be so ignited that others are drawn to me without me speaking a word. I want His love, His presence, His peace to radiate from me.

The song that has accompanied this picture in my mind all day:

Start A Fire

Start a fire in me, let the flames run free
Burn away the dross, Holy fire of God

So let it begin, let it be new
Let me be used for Your sake
Giving glory to Your name
I can live, knowing that You
You reside in my heart
O Lord you are a fire, fire of God

Be blessed, be ignited...BURN!!!


AtlantaMama said...

Nice picture!!! (Brent took this one, so I can't take credit!) Love the BLOG!

Did you see my new post about Sea Otters?

Mari Helms said...

I have given credit where credit is due...GREAT job Brent!

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