Monday, April 18, 2011


A couple of friends from church threw me a party on Monday and we had an awesome time and an even better time in worship, here is the playlist with some of my favorite lyrics listed:

I could not get the lyrics to format under the videos, so here they are:

Potter’s Wheel by Daniel Bashta
Make me
Shape me
Into everything that You want me to be and more
So place me on the potter’s wheel
Spin me until
There’s nothing left but You in my life
Cause brokenness is what I want
So do a work Yeah in my heart
So when You look at me
You see Your reflection

Heaven by Daniel Bashta
Heaven fall down on me
Bring Your peace bring Your joy
Let it rain let it pour

Worth it All by Rita Springer

I don't understand Your ways
Oh but I will give You my song
Give You all of my praise
You hold on to all my pain
With it You are pulling me closer
And pulling me into Your ways

Take My Hand by Shawn McDonald
Take my hand to the promise land
And on You I want to stand
‘Cause I cannot do it on my own
You're what I need and I need to be
Right by Your side ‘cause I cannot hide
Lord, I know that I need You

Rain Down by Jesus Culture
Feels like its time, to dream again
I hear Your voice, and yes I'm ready

After worship we had a dance party including the Cupid Shuffle, ChaCha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle to Take My Hand...try it, you won't be disappointed!

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Mari said...

I'm so glad you had a party with friends. Spending time together, celebrating and worshiping together is a great way to start your 40th year!

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