Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our new "office" for the preschoolers.

Kaira's first day on the "job"

I saw this idea a while back here, but finally got around to finishing it today. It was a hit! We are on a little break from school while mommy is not feeling so well and this kept Kaira busy for at least 45 minutes today. Now Annais is playing at the "office" and putting things in envelopes and delivering mail. I love when something actually works out like you hope it will.

To complete the office I used: An old phone, bought a keyboard and mouse from Goodwill, used an old mouse pad, put several different pads of paper in the organizer, play money, envelope sized sale papers, envelopes (the remittance kind that I never use), old address labels, play money and a printout of a monitor stuck to the wall. I will add more stuff as I find it and as it is consumed. (Kaira almost used a whole pad of sticky notes today!)

P.S. One stone did make its way out the night before last. Thanks for the prayers.


Mari said...

What a great idea! A whole new activity for them. Glad one of those stones is gone too. I'll keep praying.

Stacey said...

I am glad one of the stones past . . . hopefully you aren't in too much pain:(

Love the 'office'!!!! I remember when me & my sister were little we both had our own little desk and we would play office! It was so much fun:)

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