Thursday, January 22, 2009




Tonight I hosted a preschool activity bag swap and it was a hit. It was like Christmas morning as we watched awesome activities being placed in our boxes made by other moms. Each of us was responsible for making 15 of one activity. So, when everyone left tonight they had 15 different activities for their younger children to do while they school their older children, make dinner, talk on the phone (hahahaha) or sit down with a cup of tea. These are also great to throw in a bag to take to doctor's appointments or church.

Check out for complete details about how to host your own swap. I have already made some for my kids and they are great. All activities fit in a gallon size, zipper-top, freezer bag and have instructions on the outside. All activities are easy enough for the preschooler to do on their own. The ladies who came up with this concept are brilliant in my opinion.

Some of the activities are: TEXTURE RUBBING, ABC PUZZLE, HIDDEN TREASURE, CLIP THE SQUARE AND TEAR IT UP. They teach skills such as creativity, texture awareness, letter recognition, matching upper & lowercase letters, sorting by color, abc order, observation skills, sorting, fine motor and developing finger muscles (pre-writing). Photos of sample bags

Ten of the 15 moms were able to come to the actual swap tonight and we enjoyed fellowship, tea and treats. There were two different homeschool groups represented and some personal friends. It is awesome to see so many women come together with a common goal and have fun and fellowship at the same time.

I would love to do this again, but as an outreach for missionary families, for moms with lots of kids, or as shower gifts.

Seriously, if you have kids check out the site, it will be worth your time!


Mari said...

It's a good idea just to make those bags. Make it into an exchange and it's brilliant. Wish this had been around when my kids where young!

AtlantaMama said...

I love this!! What a GREAT idea! You are a great host and you are so creative. AWESOME resource here.

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