Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You know you're popular when someone writes a story about you, but you know your FAMOUS when your daughter does. Here is a story by my guest blogger Isabella:


My mom LOVES cheese domes. Just one time she didn’t get one, but other than that, she can’t resist! She spray paints them and puts birds that we paint and glaze under them. Blaaah! Cheese domes! Ding-dong! Cheese domes! Everywhere! I just have to make up with them and well, I’ll live. She just got another one! Sometimes she goes to Goodwill and gets stands for them. She just got another one! She just got finished painting it. I have to admit, they are pretty. I guess that’s why she likes them. Before they are made pretty, the cheese domes sit in our garage till she gets an idea. She just just got one and put a tea cup under it. She is going to sell it at One of a Kind. That place is an antique shop. She runs a business called Tea and Traditions. As you can see, it is a tea business.

The End

Everything she says in the story is true. I'm starting to feel withdrawals (it looks like it is spelled wrong, but it is not...I checked) because I only have two cheese domes left after these go to One of a Kind. It's an addiction! Is that possible? To cheese domes? Seriously? I guess it can happen. I love them because they make pretty things look even more beautiful. The robin's eggs are painted Easter eggs speckled with brown paint and the brown eggs in the cream colored bowl are Easter eggs covered in jute (my new favorite embellishment). One thing I love about the birds is that Isabella and I do those together, I paint and she glazes. As she is getting older she can help me more and we are having fun! The little ones do what they can too, after all it is a family business. Most customers have met or heard my children on at least one occasion.

The cheese dome with the white stand was an old cheese dome with wooden plate. I attached a wooden candlestick, painted it and distressed it. The glass stand is a glass candlestick attached to a glass plate with a cheese dome on top.

I'm moving to a new space at One of a Kind, so I'll post pictures soon.

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Laura Lynn said...

Addicted to cheese domes, ha ha funny! I know how you feel though. I can never pass one up and when I did I regretted it. I love cloches too!
I'm loving your blog and will be following to read/see more!
thanks for stopping by,
Laura Lynn

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm a big fan of them too! Thanks for coming to my party...I hope you have a FUN time:)


Sue said...

I think it is adorable that you have an able helper and she has made you famous by writing about you!! I'm always finding plates and domes and playing w/them. I should be selling them off and making some bucks, too.
Thanks for stopping by to comment. Love to par-tay and meet new people. :-) Sue

Laurie said...

I'm absolutely loving Isabella's story - too funny and too true, right?! You can tell her Brian, Haley and Colin's momma has two cheese domes sitting up on a kitchen shelf just waiting until she comes up with an idea herself! Ha! I love them, too, and yours are lovely. Come see me sometime - I'm giving away 3 super chic Sam Moon cuff bracelets! www.sceneofthegrime.blogspot.com

Mari said...

I love her story - guess she has you all figured out!

Nestled in Rosenberg said...

So CUTE!! I have a weakness for cheese domes too! :P I'm visiting from Coastal Charm..


Cindy said...

What a fun hobby and great that you sweet daughter can join you. Love that she did a blog story about you. I think I need to have my son do that...well, maybe not!!

Blessings, Cindy

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