Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We are finally getting around to decorating "our room". It is becoming more and more important for us to have our "space". Here are some of the treasures we have found. Only little snippets till the big reveal when it's close to done...don't know when that will be.

Do you like my (new) hat? I found this lamp, or this lamp found me at a local antique store. I saw him and was intrigued and then I couldn't stop looking at him. I walked around the store several times before returning to his booth and snatching him up. He came with the first shade and it just wasn't him, so I replaced his hat with the second...much better! He is now "basket boy" in our house and I love him. The lamp cost either $22 or $28, I can't remember, but is any price too great a price for la piece de resistance? Unequivocally, NO!

Found this chair and a half at the same store with basket boy. I have been looking for a chair like this for a LONG time and the price was right $89 and $29 for the ottoman. The tray was $10.80 at One of a Kind, the store where I have my booth. Trouble with being somewhere with so many beautiful things, a lot of beautiful things come home with me.
These beauties were also found at One of a Kind, the first week I had my booth. I can't reveal the price because it was a generous good deal from another dealer. I loved these doves the most until I met basket boy, oh, emotions so futile! I will be looking at small quilts today in another dealer's booth perfect for in between the ottoman and the tray. Of course I have ideas for the tray, but you will just have to wait and see. The hint of color on the wall will be our new bedroom color - someday.
A friend sent us money for Christmas as she usually does, but this year we used it on ourselves. We bought the hat for basket boy, a bedskirt (that needs wrinkle releaser, since I don't iron) and three pillow shams. It looks beautiful! The bedspread was aquired years ago at Marshalls for about $50 and it was blue, but I got bleach on it, so I bleached the whole thing. I love the way it turned out, now it is an off-white, but the threading is still blue.

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Mari said...

I am impressed! I never find great things like these. Your room is going to be wonderful!

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