Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Remember last month when I was looking for direction in my business, well I have it. The ladies tea I participated in really encouraged me in my faith and business.

For a year and a half I have had shelves at a local gift shop. It has worked beautifully for me and my customers. It is close to where the previous owner had the tea shop, so it is convineint for customers and they can special order things and pick them up there. I visit the shop once a week and restock, until now...there is no more room on my three big black shelves. So, next week I am taking a whole booth, that's right 80 square feet to with what I want. That means I have lots of space to fill, enter hutch #1:

This beauty is being painted by the most fabulous furniture painter east of the Mississippi. She works wonders with paint. I will use the hutch to display my products (mostly teapots) and will also sell it. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE furniture? I mean REALLY love furniture! This will give me an opportunity to buy a lot of furniture and decorate till my heart's content. I have always loved decorating too and am grateful the Lord is giving me the opportunity to do not one but TWO things I love - tea and furniture. Oh and be a wife and mother, etc. etc. He is pretty AWESOME that way!

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